Procmail GMAIL


Hello everyone-

I have read absolutely everything about how to setup filtering my email using procmail and it just isnt working. I read the wiki article and every post in this forum and I just cant figure it out. Any help would really be appreciated.

I have a user setup “user1” that has multiple domains- one being (example)… My email address is . I would like to forward to .

My files looks like this (they are both in user1’s home directory and chmod’d 644):




There’s an easier way. Just go here:

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Thanks for the reply- but that link wont help me at all. Of course I am familiar with the control panel. What I am tryinbg to do is use procmail to forward to Gmail. Gmail will then filter and send back (forward) to my email address… I am pretty sure my files are right above- so I cant figure out what I am doing. Any help would be great. Thanks.


I think the point of the original poster was that you don’t need to use procmail to do the filtering. Use email aliases/forwarding in the panel instead.

  1. For your public address, set up a forward to gmail.
  2. In gmail, turn on the setting that forwards all mail back to another dreamhost alias.
  3. Set that dreamhost alias to dump the filtered mail in whatever real mailbox you want to read it from.

That works great. I use this process on several family accounts with no problem, and no procmail work is needed. (Although I do use procmail for other things.)