Procmail bogofilter spamprobe timeout

I use bogofilter and/or spamprobe to check my spam.

Up to a week ago or so everything was fine, but even since, I get no spam (that’s fine) but I don’t get any other mail, because procmail is apparently choking up and in the end, discarding all my email.

The recipes I use for procmail are fairly simple, but apparently both bogofilter and spamprobe make it time out, even though they worked just fine until last week or so.

I tried disabling one of them and leaving the other, but still nothing.

I’m even getting bounces with this line there

codeCommand time limit exceeded: “/usr/bin/procmail -t”[/code]The recipe I use for bogofilter is this:

  • ? bogofilter

and this is the error

codeprocmail: Executing "bogofilter"
procmail: [9744] Mon Jul 30 01:52:05 2007
procmail: Timeout, terminating “bogofilter”
That’s not even writing anything to disk, just checking what’s the spam status.

Any ideas? I thought it might be file locking, but that’s not it, and if I run it by hand it works…