Procmail and the webbased filters

I’m poking around my new dreamhost shell account. It looks like the web based email filters just generate a .procmailrc file. And if I hand edit the procmailrc file (i know – i’m not suppose too) – it just gets over written when I update the filters via the website.

I understand all this.

Is there a way for me to have the best of both worlds? In other words can I can a separate, hand coded procmail file and the webbased filters?

maybe by changing my .forward file so the call to procmail uses a different (custom) procmail file, and then I can include the default procmail file in the custom procmail file? (looking at the procmail man page it looks like this might work).

The reason why I’d like to have a hand edited file is that I am already using some scripts with my current (non-dreamhost) provider that create procmail files from my local address book…

Thoughts? has anyone done this?

Not a super easy way, though you could generate the file from our panel, copy the file, then delete the filters… using our file as a starting point. But really, if you want to do anything beyond /very/ simple filtering, I’d suggest writing your own recipes.

If you haven’t already, read kbase article 2626 (I think that’s the number - the procmail one).