Process killed

I launched a command on ssh and I got the message which said that my process has been killed because it uses too much memory or cpu.
what are the policies? the limit? how many time can I try it again?..

Look into using the ‘nice’ command preceding your command.

nice -19


thanks but I got the message again:
Yikes! One of your processes (wget, pid 10746) was just killed because your
processes are, as a whole, consuming too much memory. If you believe you’ve
received this message in error, please contact Support.

Ok, so it’s memory. Nice only helps with CPU. Are you forking process from that script? Something you’re running needs to be tweaked to use less memory.


what does mean forking?
I’m doing a “wget”.
I didn’t put it in a .sh script, I put the nice command right before the wget.
Thanks for helping me on this Scott.

Since you’re able to narrow it down to a single command, you can try the ‘top’ command from another terminal window to see the memory usage by your wget. I’m surprised that a wget causes a memory issue. If the ‘top’ listing doesn’t shed some light on it, submit a ticket to support with the command you’re running and see if they can explain why it’s getting killed.