Probley with mysql database

Hi all,
I set up a new blog using MT 3.1 with a MYSQL data base. Everything was working out fine for a few weeks. Then I accidentally deleted the mt.cfg doc. So I recreated it, setting it up the exact way I did before and uploaded and ran mt-check.cgi. Everything was fine. But then when I point to mt.cgi I get this error message:

Got an error: Bad ObjectDriver config: Your DataSource directory (’./db’) does not exist.

any idea why this is happening? I have this in mt.cfg:
ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database saralovering
DBUser saralovering

Just like I had it before when it was working. I never used a Berkely DB data base but it seems to be looking for one. Any ideas what happened here?

perhaps you need to run mt-load.cgi again