Problems... :(

Good morning and sorry for my badly English. 2 weeks ago I registered in dremhost .For reasons of work I have not been able to use the account until now but the panel control says me that the account is deactivated “disabled”. How can i activate this account and begin to use it? The money this discounted correctly of my account payed with VISA

. Thank you very much and excuseme my badly English

Did you receive an approval email from DreamHost, giving you log-in details for the account?

I can only suggest that you contact DreamHost using the Support -> Contact Support section of the panel and outline the situation, they should be able to fix things for you.

Good luck.


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Did it show your account is pending when you first signed up the account? If so, it means DH is processing your query.

Did you receive any email from DH? I think the only thing you can do is as what mark said, contact DH support.

I think your case is worth to send them a “OMG EXTREMELY CRITICAL EMERGENCY” ticket

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