Problems With WordPress/Website


A week or so ago, we received a really large code at the top of our website & also our WordPress Dash (see cap below)

We deleted the WP Super Cache plug in via our Dashboard which removed the code but ever since our site has been giving us nothing but trouble. Slow & sluggish, internal server errors, not found errors & also ‘Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case’ when we are trying to publish/draft a new post. It seems like something has became broken in our site & we have no idea how to fix it. We are not programmers & have limited technical ability when it comes to problems like this. Any help/advice would be so greatly appreciated.

Website address:

Open a ticket with support and ask to have your account scanned for hacks.

I did a fast manual scan (not as robust as our scanner tool) and didn’t see anything jump out. You’re on PHP 5.3 (good) and server load on your VPS is low. I did notice that you’re hitting the limit of the memory you allocated, which may be causing this, but… I would actually try bumping your PHP memory first. The error logs have a lot of messages that implicate PHP running out of oomph.

Directions for PHPRC files can be found here: