Problems with web-ids and databases

Yeah, I’m having problems on holydays and I’m also getting no support from DH, so I’ll post here to see if someone else can help me.

I’m now sharing my account with my girfriend, who has a second web-id. She is trying to transfer her domain from another host to DH, but so far it has been a bumpy ride. She’s experiencing two big problems:

  1. I gave her id all the needed privileges to set up her hosts. She can create domains, databases and users and manage them afterwards. The only things she CAN’T do is changing privileges, messing with billing and changing properties of pre-existant domains and users. In theory everything SHOULD work fine, but:
  • The one-click installation of wordpress created a database that she can’t manage. It does show up on MY control panel, but if she installed it from her login, it’s logical to suppose she would be able to manage it. As of today, I changed her user privileges manually so she can see the database.

  • She created an user that, again, she wasn’t able to manage after the creation. I had to manually grant privileges to her user-id again.

  • I’m receiving the confirmation emails for everything she does on the control panel, but she isn’t. I don’t mind getting those on my mailbox, but I don’t really need them as she does. The profile information for her account is correctly filled with her own email address.

So far it seems the dh control panel has some bugs with child web-ids which are quite annoying. Does anyone know a workaround for those?

On to the second big problem:

  1. She already has two domains registered and working at another host. To transfer all the data to DH, she first created the fully-parked domain on the control panel and the corresponding databases. She has created a full dump of the mysql data and is ready to set it up on DH. This is precisely where the problem begins: how can she access her mysql on DH if the only way to get there is through the db subdomain (

I should point that when I did my transfer a year ago I had to follow the exact same steps so that the transfer would happen with zero downtime on my domain. I could do the mysql transfer without problems because on DH internal network (accessed from the ssh prompt) the domains were already working even if I hadn’t actually changed the DNS entries on my registrar. Stragely, this is NOT happening now with her domain. If I ping it locally from my house or from the ssh prompt, the resulting IP is the same, pointing to her current host. This means I can’t do a “mysql --host” as is inaccessible from DH! Is there
another way to get to the mysql subdomains before the DNS change? Anything that substitutes the mysql.domain part while the DNS isn’t transfered?


Hi, I am fzero’s gf and I’d like to say a few more things:

  1. Any try to connect to a mysql host via ssh (mysql --host=xxx etc) returns an error like this
    ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: ‘’ (Using password: YES)

  2. Is there a way to CHANGE mysql users password? It seems I can only “create new users” or “delete”, but not change. Strange.

  3. When I try to access phpMyAdmin thru I can login and view the front page of PhpMyAdmin, BUT any link returns a 404:

Not Found
The requested URL /dh_phpmyadmin/IP_ADDRESS/querywindow.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Ok, take note because this one may be very useful to everyone changing from another host to DH.

As you know, you can create a fully hosted domain on DH before changing the DNS servers on your registrar. This is good on one hand, but makes the process of moving files and databases a little bit more difficult, as the domain exists on the internal DH network but points to a different IP from the rest of the internet.

So, how can you upload your database if you can´t access, say, yet? And how can you see what you´ve already uploaded if your domain points toa different IP? Well, what all the DH setup and welcome emails DON´T tell you is that you can ALWAYS create subdomains on free of charge to solve these problems. Take note:

  1. First go to Domains::Add Domain on the panel and create a MIRROR to your fully hosted domain on a subdomain under Let´s call it for illustration purposes.

  2. After some time, will point to the web service on your fully hosted domain. Problem one solved: you can already see your site at before transferring the DNS permanently. This subdomain will show up just like a ¨real¨ domain on your panel and lets you create email addresses and other sub-subdomains (like mysql hosts) under it.

  3. After that you simply go to Goodies::MySQL on the panel. If you already created a database and a mysql host under your domain, click on ¨Add host¨ and add a host to you database. If you haven´t done this yet, create your database and the host at once. After the usual setup time, it´s possible to access phpMyAdmin through and do whatever you need to do with it.

When everything is in place and working, all you have to do is change the DNS record on your registrar and everything will keep working fine. You can delete you * subdomains after that if you like (don´t forget to change the mysql configuration on your scripts!) or keep them for emergencies - nobody will take them from you and they are free after all.

This sort of thing should be included on the welcome emails - I´m surely not the only one to move a site from one host to DH trying to make it seamlessly. Anyway, now this is at least on this forum. Hope it helps.

Oh, and kudos to Andrea from the support staff to come up with this solution!

As for the bugs on the DH panel: these weren´t solved yet. Nobody´s perfect anyway. :wink:

Happy new year everyone!