Problems with sub domains / remap / mirror?

Ive installed 2 copies of Gallery in my domain directory in folders called “richard” and “gallery”

I would like the “richard” copy, to open in the subdomain “” and the other to open as default in “

I have created the sub domain.

But because the data for the galleries, is outside the actual folder, everything I have tried so far has failed to result in the desired effect. (ie I can either get to open with this in the address bar - but minus any of the photo data because it isnt found - or be redirected to “

All very annoying. Im sure this can be done - but after about 6 hours of trying last night, Ive all but given up

can anyone point me in the right direction here? (I have emailed support - but no reply so far)


To show what I mean about mapping and problems with the data file not being accessed, please see this url:

This maps to the directory “richard” and loads the page - but minus the pictures located in a seperate folder within dreamhost.

Since it is impossible to install gallery using the one click approach (unless the dir is completely empty), Im certain it what I need to be done, can be achieved, but every “idea” I have has a fault in it somewhere.

In the example above - if I just point it to the domain itself, I get the root dir with gallery and richard folders both seen. Clicking on either opens the respective galleries and work fine. ie the data is visible.

Hopefully Ive explained the issues and problems encountered ok - but please ask away if its not clear.