Problems with Rails 1.2.6 app after DH updated to rails3


After DH updated to rails 3, I’ve lost a critical rails app that its done in rails 1.2.6

DH suppot team told me that if I froze in another computer and then moved it to DH again it wouldn’t work and that it was better to install bundler.

I’ve install bundler(in the “root” directory), I created a file named
Gemfile inside the rails app directory and in it I wrote:

source ‘

gem ‘rails’, ‘’

Bundle edge Rails instead:

gem ‘rails’, :git => ‘git://’

gem ‘mysql’

As far as I know is what I need,because the plugins are inside vendor
directory. Then I did the bundle install but I still get the error

Cannot find gem for Rails ~> Install the missing gem with ‘gem
install -v=1.2.6 rails’, or change environment.rb to define
RAILS_GEM_VERSION with your desired version.

If I put

bundle show rails

I get that the path is


I don’t really know if "rails 1.2.6) should be there or if not what it is happening.

I need a hint to continue to try to get back the app because its quite critical

Thanks in advance for everything