Problems with PHPBB

Ok, so I’m not sure if this is a problem with DH or not…but last night, I tried to go to the admin panel of one of my forums. Now, before, it was working just fine, but last night it kept giving me 404 errors saying the admin directory didn’t exist or was temporarily unavailable.

So…I went ahead and just completely deleted said forum, and moved my other test one into the directory where the old one was, and it worked just fine after that…but now I’m having the same problem again today…le siiigh. It also gives me a 404 after initially logging in. Also, before this, I was having problems accessing my forums by manually plugging the path into the addy bar, even though I -KNOW- it was right…the only way I could properly even GET to my forums was through the link set in the installation complete e-mail.

I also tried to reinstall the original that I had deleted, but I recieved an e-mail saying that they couldn’t download the installation files…so is this a DH prob, or a problem PHBB’s server?

I had a Gallery2 install go corrupt like that too. Never figured it out, and it sucked. The only feasible thing I could come up with is to make sure I kept current backups of my database, and media files in my case.

At least then I could restore my work. Wish I had a better suggestion, but I defn think it’s a problem with the product and not DH.