Problems with one-click installs



This is more of an FYI than anything else…

I had installed WordPress & Gallery via One-Click Install Advanced Mode and added BBPress manually and I was going crazy trying to get them all to play nice together with authentication and single-sign on. Once I manually installed everything, it was smooth sailing.

It looks to me like the One-Click install of WP does not include all the info the BBPress & Gallery integration needs (the wp-config files are quite different between manual and one-click).

Less QQ, more pew-pew


I use WordPress with WPG2 and Galley 2, both One-Click installs. I have also successfully added BBPress to a WordPress One-Click. Mind you that these are all Advanced Mode installations, which afford quite a bit of flexibility.



Are you using the single sign-on for all three? Because that’s where I was having trouble…

Less QQ, more pew-pew


I have single sign-on for WordPress and Gallery2. WPG2 helped greatly with that. I briefly explored BBPress, but switched to a plugin forum instead.