Problems with Mysql

My account was reactivated and everything put back to normal. With exception to the mysql database. not sure if this is a tech problem or did they wipe them out. In the panel it shows for example 12.52 mb being used on one database. However when you go into phpmyadmin it says database empty. My sites are not running because of this. Any ideas. Unfortunately I do not have a backup database.
So far I have 3 tickets in and the load number on open tickets is increasing but still no response.

This is something that Support needs to handle. Give them at least 36 hours before you submit another support request. Constantly submitting support requests does nothing but slow the amount of time in which they can get back to you.

ok understand that. I didnt send them like an hour after each other they are like 1 day so many hours 20 hours and 7 hours apart. But I understand the load time now. In past they have generally gotten back to us fairly quickly.
Do you know if there is an issue going on with Mysql at all? Or could this just simply be from the deactivated and reactivation deal.

They’ve sort of been “overbooked” with their recent promotions, but they’re in the process of hiring another Support employee. Any MySQL problems would have happened specifically on your server. I haven’t had any issues with MySQL yet.

sure would be NICE if dreamhost took care of their CURRENT customers first before taking on new ones. quite upsetting.

anyone else’s mysql now not working at all?! the links directing to scripts that use mysql now are automatically linked to the index file of my site!