Problems with my Domain Name linking

Hey guys, any help anyone could give me with this would be greatly appreciated!

I have a domain registered with godaddy. I changed the name servers to the, ns2 and ns3 locations. I also set up my domain within dreamhost.

Whenver I go to my address, all it gives me is a blank index directory. I put my site structure within the folder as well as the root folder. I have no idea where it could be linking to… I should be seeing something…

I have an index.html file as well as an images directory with a splash image within both the root and folders.

Is there any steps I forgot or something I am overlooking?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

It sounds like you did it right. Your site doesn’t belong in the root (home) directory, so just leave the ones you have in the folder.

If it’s brand new here, it might take a few days before it shows up for the world due to DNS propagation. What’s the URL?


Check under “manage domains” in the control panel to make sure you’re using the right directory for your files too…

It’s a common mistake.


I’m guessing the process created the domain directory since that’s the default and the original poster most likely didn’t create it on their own.


Thanks guys…

I believe you were right sdayman!

I waited a day or so and the fact that it was pointing a directory, I figured it was on the Host side. I guess it was just waiting for the DNS to get out to everyone.

It is up and running, just checked a little bit ago. the addy is

Thanks again!