Problems with multi-file media upload?

I tried searching for other people having this problem, but only seemed to come up with people whose media uploads either always fail or stick at “Crunching”, which isn’t quite what I’ve got going on.

When I try to use the multi-file media uploader to upload a batch of images (~100K image files for the Webcomic plugin, to be specific, but I’m just using the built-in WordPress uploader), roughly every 3rd image will appear to upload, but the progress bar will stick at 100%, and the file never completes uploading.

If I let the uploader sit for a long time, it will eventually continue past the stuck upload (with the stuck one still sitting at 100%) and continue with the queue, usually getting another 2-5 images before sticking again in the same way.

At least superficially it’s acting like there’s something server-side that’s periodically flaking out and causing failed uploads without any client-side indication, since this problem has continued through several versions of WP, but since there’s no feedback it could be almost anything.

Has anybody else seen this issue on DH? Just me?

What’s happening is WordPress has to make copies and resize them, so for each 100k image, you get at least 3 copies (totalling 400k) in the temp folder and PHP is churning the resizes. Depending on the image size, by which I mean pixels height and width, this can take a while.

So my guess would be is that every 2-5 images, while PHP is trying to multithread the image resizes, tmp is getting filled up and PHP memory is maxing out, so it has to wait for more resources.

This is a PHP bug, really, more than DreamHost, as it’s never really handled this smartly. :confused: