Problems with MediaWiki

Here are the problems I am having with my MediaWiki installation at

Any help would be appreciated extrodinarily. Thank you.

I have listed the problem URL’s, and below them a description of the problem.

====Scratch namespace====ärjedalen

For these pages, the actual redirect pages will show up when using the random feature, and should not do so.

====Broken page titles=====

The page titles are broken, and show up when using the Special:Random feature, unfortunately.


This redirect shows up occasionally when using the Special:Random feature, and it should not do so.

=====Page links in Special:Statistics=====
on - at the bottom - even if the customized user group pages are created, the links still show up as red.

=====Broken page and title=====

This should read “Simple math in C++” - see:

Thank you .