Problems with Mailling Lists?

Is someone else having problems with messages sent to and/or delivered for DreamHost Mailling Lists? I have some lists on our DreamHost account and messages sent yesterday did not arrived to the list yet…

The messages were sent from many others SMTP servers with copy to my address. The copies arrived here but the messages were not received by the list server…


All of my discussion lists have been down since 9:30am yesterday, March 1. :frowning:


YES – good (?) to know it’s not just me. And when I checked the archives, the messages haven’t registered there either. God, I hope they’re not just lost…

Yes, starting Sunday evening I’ve started having problems. First, any message sent from Outlook or webmail, by anyone, to any address or list gets bounced with “Relay access denied.” None of this was happening with another domain I run,

Today - Tuesday - I sent a message to a list at 7:30 EST, and at 10:30 it still hasn’t shown up.

I want to thank everyone for their messages, at least I’m not the only one having problems. Hopefully, since the problems seem to be widespread, they’ll be fixed sooner rather than later. I must say that in over a year with Dreamhost, this is the most serious outage I’ve had.


Yes, I’m having problems too. Actually just started a new thread before I saw this one.

I guess I picked a bad time to switch over to DreamHost.

Other than that, I’m incredibly happy.

Same problem on my side. What concerns me is that after almost 24 hours of outage, this hasn’t rated a “Status Announcement” nor a reply to this thread. Hopefully this is because someone is working so hard to fix it there is no time to let users know about the outage…
Even then, a proactive announcement would be nice. I see that there are 300+ support tickets outstanding.

When I sent my message to tech support, it was #159 in the queue. It will be 24 hours at noon, pst when I emailed them yesterday and I have yet to receive a reply. It will be nice to hear something soon about what’s causing this problem and when they expect it to be fixed.

They have had a number of discussion list outages over the past year.


Has anybody resolved this issue yet?..I have a user sending a BCC to multiple recipients. When he sends, he gets the following from DH hosted accounts:

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;554 Relay access denied

Brian J McMillen
Director, Project Management
918.734.2987 - cell
928.438.3017 - efax

There have been a handful since I’ve been a customer, and I’ve only been a customer since 02-16-2004…

I’m rather discouraged.

Queued items are being delivered as I write


Yep, same here but I’d still like to hear what happened to cause this latest outage. I know that a new virus or a new variation of an old virus was making the rounds yesterday. Perhaps that had something to do with it.

Just plain machine or operator error, I’m afraid. This affected 50% or so of discussion lists (those on the newer Mailman machine). I’ll send an announcement when I get into the office which should have more details. We will be adding some checks to make sure we catch stuff like this in the future.

The “relay denied” errors (especially the most recent one posted) sound unrelated, and you should send a message to support about them.

As I indicated, this appears to be unrelated to the discussion list problems.

I responded to your message in the support queue, with my best guess as to what’s happening here.

Is the problem which brought down several lists today the same problem that has been causing the rather common delays?

I’m just wondering if I need to expect this to happen every couple of days or what.

/Was/ being delivered.

Then it seems to have stopped after it caught up. At least, I’ve not received anythng I have posted in the last 3 hours.



That’s exactly what I’m experiencing - nothing since about noon, pst.


Yes, mailing lists seem to be out of order again, and argh the timing is terrible…


I switched hosts because the previous one couldn’t keep their mail server up… Got fed up with it, so I switched to DreamHost, and here I am again. At this point I will probably have to find a new host for my discussion list.

Apparently this issue isn’t of any real concern to the support team, since my ticket is currently at just over 13 hours. That’s within the 24 hours they promise, but one would think that after the outage, they would be more closely monitoring the situation.

I’m wondering how much longer I will have to wait to start receiving the services I’m paying for.

I would give them a little time. My lists (3) are down and yeah, it’s a little embarassing. But the people behind the curtain as it were are pretty damn elite. I doubt they are off playing counterstrike. They are probably sitting at a terminal prompt fighting off a migraine trying to figure out what the hell mailman developers did in the new version. Dreamhost rocks. One would be hard pressed to find a comparative company which will not ultimately have the same intermittent outages of periphery services with a much greater monthly bill. I mean the mail servers are named “che” and “spork” somebody at dreamhost is cool. They will get it fixed.

But yeat its 9:43 EST and my lists have been down since monday with a few periods of burst emails that were in the wrong order.

I submitted a ticket and got an email response 18 hours later that said they were working on it. Mailman didnt comeback online after they did some routine maintenance.
The assured me all mail would be delivered, it was just in the queue. So If anoyne is still experincing list issues you are not alone.


I have given them a little bit of time…

I’ve only been a customer since 02.16, and I haven’t had stable discussion list mail since then. The longest it’s gone without a glitch is a couple of days.

Forgive me if this is considered impatience, but I expect a certain level of service for my money, and I’m not getting it. I also expect that when someone tells me it’s fixed, that it’s actually fixed. I left my previous host because they couldn’t keep the email system up and running.

I hate that I’m becoming that customer so early in my DreamHost experience, but I don’t think I should be quiet just because of the super-cool server names… I’d rather have them actually work than look cool, but maybe that’s just me.

Other than the discussion list issue, I agree. DreamHost rocks.