Problems with mail


I am a relatively new user and not particularly technical… well not even slightly technical if I am going to be honest here. I have been unable to access webmail all morning and get the following error when I try:

Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Too many connections in /usr/local/squirrelmail-1.4.6/session_mysql.php on line 61

Can’t connect to as squirrelmail

MySQL Error: Too many connections

Having only just had a wireless LAN installed in the house I am uncertain if this error is at my end or squirrel mails and wondered if anyone could possibly tell me what it means in basic terms that even a kiwi like me can understand


It may be a problem at the server DreamHost end rather than your end.

I would leave it a while and try again later.


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I am not a new user (Been here 10+ years) and the same thing is happening to me.



It’s only webmail that’s down, you can still access your emails via an email client like outlook, thunderbird, mail etc.


I can’t because my computer crashed (bad hard drive) and while I wait for the parts to build my new one, I’m on a public computer.



I’m in the same boat; I can only check webmail at the moment.

Ugh. Fourth major outage in four days – over 2 hours a day.

What the hell is up?


I don’t know other than DOS.
And I sent a long support email telling them they needed to actually:
a) post outtages on the support page
b) explain why they are getting so many DOS attacks…it’s not like their Microshaft or anything.
c) explain why, once blocked, the DOS keeps taking them down

Seriously–I’m running a SEVERELY time sensitive local campaign in my city and need my email and site up right now. If this continues, they will lose a 10+ year customer, and all my sub-customers.

I’m very disappointed because this is a load of crap.


Give this explanation of DDoS at Wikipedia a look, specifically the Flooding section. A DDoS is extremely difficult to defend oneself from due to its random (or forged) distribution of attackers targeting legitimate services at DH.

The only gripe over which they have any control is a) posting outages, but that tends to be for site-wide issues. If someone is attacking a service on your server, all users on that server suffer, and sometimes those on the network as well if the attack eats up sufficient bandwidth.

If the services you provide are so highly critical, then you might want look into a dedicated server, rather than budget hosting.

And you’re right, a DDoS is a load of crap. Blame the attackers, not the victims.



I have already read the wikipedia article on it. And again, I reiterate, why does DH get hit so much with them? Why them? They seem to get hit more often than our university, my work place (which is a school district ISD), big businesses, etc.

Also, I wouldn’t call my Code Monster “budget hosting.” And for a non-profit org. a dedicated server is out of the budget.

I could host myself on my server and get better up time! And my house is prone to power flickers.


Big targets attract many script kiddies. If one site on a server is on someone’s hit list, it inconveniences many people. DH hosts something over 100,000 domains (as I recall), so I think odds are that they’ll get hit more often than most.

Big businesses do get hit by them, but I wonder if people are more hesitant to do so for fear of being tracked down by the feds. Plus I bet a lot of people don’t publicize that they’ve been hit. We live here, so we see all the warts.

$20 a month for Code Monster is still a bargain. If your disk space and bandwidth requirements are modest for your high-criticality site, you might consider hosting it elsewhere for $100/year at a more low-profile provider.



I haven’t been able to check mail in three days, possibly four, days (I had an error to everything–site, mail, etc.–except FTP for a few minutes four days ago, but when my site became accessible again, I assumed everything was working). I wasn’t able to get through to webmail yesterday, getting the same error about too many users or whatever. Now, I get in, but this error comes up:

ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.

I still can’t access email via my email program. I sent a trouble ticket a couple days ago, and all I got so far was an automatic message telling me they haven’t forgotten me. I don’t guess anyone else can help, but I wanted to let everyone know I’m also having problems.



People this is really getting serious.

I can’t login to emails also, and this is an error that is going back 5 days from now.

Please can you guys do something about that?
I tried to redirect emails to some other address but again same thing. We are loosing money on this, so please fix it ASAP!

Best regards,


Have you put in a Support Request from the contact support page? With this length of delay it might be wise to do so now.
This is a customer to customer forum and the sagacious DreamHost staff only look in occasionally.


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