Problems with Joomla 1-click install

So, I installed Joomla using 1-click just now, and things seemed to go okay until I got to the screen where you finish the install. Once I got to the screen where it had the list of correctly-configured items, the one where configuration.php was supposed to be writable was “NO” in red. I followed the directions at the end to create a separate file and upload it to the root directory, but when I try to upload the file, it said “Permission denied”. Nor could I change the permissions on the folder so that I could upload it.

I just went and deleted all the files and the database in order to try again, but what went wrong and how can I fix it? I wasn’t given the option to choose “Simple Install”, it was only “Custom Install”.[hr]
Never mind! As I said, I removed the install. Then instead of allowing the install to create my database for me, I created one first and then installed into it. That worked perfectly. The more you know. . * * *