Problems with installing wordpress

Im having some problems with getting wordpress work. I installed it by mistake in the wrong directory at home/username/example/wordpress.I unistalled it and I am trying to reinstall in the root directory :home/username/example but I get this message that the directory is not empty.This happens because I previously wanted to install the gallery soft in the root directory before the wordpress but I changed my mind and I didnt finish the set up. Now I cant see the gallery thing anywhere so I can delete it and make the root directory available for wordpress.
Thank you in advance

Are there any directories in the root directory? You may have to manually delete them.

If you have trouble, you can always use the trick that someone mentioned earlier this week - rename the root directory and then create a new directory with the same name in its place.

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There are no directories in the root directory at the moment. Please, let me try to explain it better:
I tryed to install the Gallery software in the main directory: but I changed my mind and I didnt finish the set up and then I created a subdirectory beautifulthisandthat/wordpress where I installed wordpress and imported my blog. The blog worked just fine there but when I realised that it doesnt point to the home page, I uninstalled wordpress and tryed to reinstall it in the right place. I couldnt, as I couldnt get rid of the Gallery thing. The Gallery software should be displayed at the " One-Click Installs" page so I could delete it, but it doesnt show there. If you go to my website ( you will see Gallery there though.
I tryed to delete the domain, the data bases and everything and then configure it from the begining. This time the system allowed me to install wordpress in the root directory(I didnt get the “directory is not empty"message anymore); now I can see the wordpress install at the " One-Click Installs” page, but when I try to go to my site and complete the setup or try to follow the link from the email with wordpress setup instructions I get the "page cannot be displayed " message.
Please excuse my bad english. I tryed to explain the best I could. I am really new to this.

Well, even though tat method seems to be a little unnecessarily complicated, it should work just fine for what you were trying to accomplish.

In fact, it appears as though it did work, with one minor “gotcha” - since you deleted the domain, it was removed from DreamHost’s DNS records, and now that you have added it back (and the DNS records were created anew), you will have that “wait” for DNS to be updated.

Just be patient. It could take from a few hour, to up to several days (generally much less than that, though) for the DNS to be updated across the net so that you can *browse" to the domain again and see the WordPress stuff via a browser. :wink:

And, BTW, your English is fine. It is far better than most Americans’ facility with any language other than English! (and better than some Americans’ skill with English!)


It works fine now:)
Thank you very much.

You are very welcome. but I didn’t do anything at all - you did it all yourself! :slight_smile: .

I just encouraged you to “leave it alone” and let it “heal”. I’m glad you got it working! :wink: