Problems with image hosting on Dreamhost?


Having some problems with image hosting on Dreamhost recently.

I am trying to host images for use on several websites, Craigslist, etc. so I can track statistics.

This was working A-OK until a few months ago. I have been using this technique with my Dreamhost account for years.

I can access the file that I uploaded today:

works just fine, but requires login.

HOWEVER, this gives a 404 not found error:

In the same directory, with the same owner and same permissions, this image uploaded a few months ago works okay:


works fine, but newer uploaded images do NOT work. They give 404 error.

What do I need to do so all the image files in any subdirectory can be used anywhere, via simple hot-link?

Normally I login via FTP using FileZilla and navigate to the subdirectory and then drag-and-drop my image files to upload, then they could be used anywhere.

Until recently, I could access those images with http:// protocol from any website. Now, the new files uploaded recently cannot be accessed.

This was working just fine for years. Not lately. I really miss the WEBFTP!

Dreamhost has become useless for me recently.

#2 isn’t on your server.

Edit:oooh! I see what you did. The images are in the wrong location :slight_smile:

You put them in /user/yourID/

You need to move them to user/yourid/


Wow… I had been beating my head against the wall for more than an hour. Thank you for the solution!

Yes, it was a navigation error on my part.


You’re welcome :smiley: I’ve done the same thing many times.