Problems with Gallery Plugin with Wordpress 3.9.1


After automatic upgrade to wordpress 3.9.1 I lost all galleries from my blog (

When I try to access a gallery the following message appears :
Warning : include(/home/ansates/ [ function.include ] : failed to open stream : No such file or directory in / home / ansates / / wp -content / plugins / gallery -plugin / gallery - plugin.php on line 625

Warning: include ( ) [ function.include ] : Failed opening ’ / home / ansates / / wp -content / themes / twentythirteen / gallery -single - template.php ’ for inclusion ( include_path = ’ :confused: usr / . local / lib / php :confused: usr/local/php5/lib/pear ’ ) in / home / ansates / / wp -content / plugins / gallery -plugin / gallery - plugin.php on line 625

I’ve tried everything including restoring my domain at Dreamhost , but nothing works ! Do I have to rebuild all my blog and galleries ?

I’m using Gallery Plugin for photos and the theme Twenty Thirteen !

Could anyone help me ? I know nothing of the world of programming , sites and internet!

Tks a lot!

looks like you need a file called “gallery-single-template.php” in your theme folder…you might have lost it when you upgraded the theme?

do you have a backup of your theme? if so, you can find that file there and copy it to your active theme file.

If not, there -might- be with an example file in the plugin folder…not sure about that…sometimes plugins come with files you can copy to your theme folder

you might be able to get away with just copying your themes single.php and naming it gallery-single-template.php