Problems with FTP

I wanted to update my Site.
My free trial of WS_FTP PRO 9.0 Expired,
So I changed to GlobalScape - CuteFTP Pro 7.0
I delete my old index_files from the server and Uploaded my new ones using the new program.
I Waited for about 3 hrs for the server to update then I click on my website and found not website.
Just a message " The page cannot be found " HTTP 404 Internet explorer.
Can any one Help me please !
I’m using windows XP service pack 2


try turning on passive mode?


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Is your account new ? Maybe a DNS problem

With changing FTP clients, perhaps the new configuration uploaded to your home directory (/home/userId) rather than the subdirectory (/home/userId/ for your web site? Many FTP clients let you configure your starting directory.