Problems with FTP accounts(Not Founded at forum )

Hi all people, first all i am from Spain, and my english is very bad…sorry for this…

Well i create a subdomain named"" on mi web “” i made this subdomain to control the Bandwidth Usage.

I also create 4 users, and my idea is to make 1 like "admin"
The first user connect via FTP to, well i made this but…i want also that the three others ftp users that i create to this, have access to the subdomain “” in hers respective folders, and of course the first user can see the other folders.

That’s in a grafical explanation


thanks for all, and sorry for the english ^^

Greetings from Spain

  1. Log in to FTP as each user and make a directory in their home directory called something like ‘web’

  2. Go to the account control panel and click on ‘Domains’ and then ‘Re-map Subdir’

  3. Map to /home/user/web

  4. You can’t have superuser status. If you must manage the files via FTP, log in as the appropiate user. You can always get the password using the account control panel.

  5. You may also have problems with CGI, since each virutal host will run CGI as one particular user.

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