Problems with FormMail


I’ve been reading many of the posts regarding FormMail, trying to determine how to solve my problem.

Basically, I’ve tried to code up a form (click ‘Contact us’ at that will allow people to email us.

When I fill out the form and click through, the redirect occurs properly. But (and I’ve noticed that many other people have this problem) I never receive the emails.

I think I’ve followed all of the instructions closely.

Any help would be appreciated…


I’ve used formmail on a DH hosted site and it worked great. However, I set up another site on DH and it isn’t working. As a matter of fact, I think it’s something to do with the email system altogether. In fact I used identical scripts (other than the recipient) and it still works on the other site, not on my new one.

I’m sure the email issues will be fixed shortly.