Problems with domain via gmail

Hello everyone,

I’ve been having problems accessing email-management via google apps. It tells me that my domain has been registered, but when I tried to log-in with my WebID and password (of Dreamhost) I couldn’t.

What seems to be the problem. Is the username and password different for the gmail-dreamhost management? I don’t remember having to set another one.

Thanks in advance.

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You need to follow the link in the Panel for your domain to get onto Google so you can set up your Master Account. From the Dreamhost “Manage Domains” menu item, click “Edit” for your domain. You’ll see links to Google to Register your Account, and Configure Mailboxes.



Thank you for your assistance. I have followed the procedures you’ve provided. But, when I followed the link to register my domain with Google, the same messages of “…domain already registered” came up again.

And when I tried the other link to “configure” my mailboxes, I was not able to access it after entering my Dreamhost WebID and password.

Is there a way I can reset the domain so I can start the entire Google registration process again?



This would have to be handled at the Google end. At some point, you, or someone else, set up that domain at Google Apps. Hopefully they have some sort of customer service or mechanism for resetting a domain.


Even though this is an old post I found it when I encountered the same issue. Here was the solution that worked for me:

  • Edit the domain (see the other reply if you need more detail)
  • Click setup/manage email… This gives you first access to google apps as well
  • you are asked to set up your first admin account

Bob’s your Uncle… or at least you have access to google apps!

I had a problem with a domain’s Googled-handled email yesterday!

I was using a dialup connection and it timed out right in the middle of setting up the primary admin details. I immediately went into a “wtf I have no intrawebs!!” rage and promptly forgot the username I had just used for the admin. After logging back on I tried “admin”, I tried “webmaster”, I tried “#$%@!”… okay I didn’t try the last one but you get the idea.

I actually attempted the doubleback trick of reverting back to DH mail, waiting 15 minutes, then switching back over to Gmail again, but as the domain was already registered at Apps it just wouldn’t allow me entry without the original details.

Anyway, I contacted GoogleApps Team and they had me create a html file onto the domain root with a phrase in it, then email them back when it was done. After completing their request they promptly reset the admin password and emailed me the login details along with a temporary password that I then changed upon successful login. phew!

And they’re nearly as quick as Dreamhost Support.

Nearly :wink:

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