Problems with DH svn install and Mac



I have a strange problem. I’ve setup a subdomain and subversion repository using dreamhost’s panel install and it works great as long as you don’t try to get to it from a mac.

I’ve tried both safari and firefox and three seperate macs each of which return only a 404 not found error. On each Windows or Linux machine I’ve tried there is no problem what-so-ever.


I think for some reason the Mac won’t let you connect to SVN or CVS repositories without using a SSH connection. I’m using Eclipse on the Mac with both CVS and SVN plug-ins and had a hard time setting up a CVS repository on my Mac. I found later that I had to connect to my own Mac via SSH while in Eclipse. It’s okay to connect locally when using the command line interface in Terminal, but not in a GUI app in the Finder. I suspect that it has something to do with Apple’s (better) security features in the OS, and that it may have to do with your problems with SVN.