Problems with crater server

According to Dreamhost’s status, they had problems with the server crater, where my sites are hosted, which required a lengthy restore process to recover the data. This is suppposedly complete, and their support had assured me that once it was, some problems I was having would be resolved, including the fact that my Mediawiki installation had reverted to an earlier version preceding a recent upgrade I performed to resolve a bug that caused formatting to mess up in Firefox 9.0. However, now the version as shown by Mediawiki:

is still the old one, despite the web panel showing I’m upgraded to a newer one. In addition, several pages in several of my sites that I made content changes to since the new year are still in their reverted state of before I made the changes. Am I expected to manually re-upload the new versions (and new images, etc.) of everything that’s changed recently?

It’s resolved; they’ve restored the appropriate version of MediaWiki, and I’ve re-uploaded the changed pages in other sites (though they offered to restore from backups themselves).