Problems with characters in php

Hi everybody.

When I have a simple php file with something like this:

echo “español”

it prints in the screen:


the same with accents like áéíóú and other characters.

Do you know how to solve this?

I have this meta:

in the HTML so I think that the problem is because other things…

In the server the files are fine, but when I execute the php it doesn’t return the expected result.

Any idea about how to solve?

Easiest way is just to use the ascii code for it, try this one: ń


I know, this is good & ntilde ;

but what about when I receive data from the user with no format?

And is really really weird, because I have a file with this code:

<?php echo "áéñ"; ?>

and for instance is I call this way:

It display fine, but if I call

is not fine, and there is no treatment at all of the parameters (as you can see, one line of code…).

Use PHP to set the character encoding. Put this line at the beginning of each page:<?php header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8"); ?>You can also force all PHP files to be UTF-8 by default by adding this line to your .htaccess file:AddCharset UTF-8 .php--------
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are you sure your files are utf8? the default on windows systems is windows-1252

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As you say, that was the problem, files were not in UTF-8 format. Now everything works fine.

And there were also a cache problem, when the browser saw a page in a specified format it always used it from that moment.

Thank you all :wink: