Problems with a pre-hacked phpBB board

Okay, I’m working on getting up a site that will be using a pre-hacked phpBB board (BBaCE). It’s being set up by someone I know who has set up a LOT of them, since I don’t want to mess it up, but she’s having some problems.

Like I said, she’s trying to install a pre hacked phpbb board and although she’s have managed to upload all the files and directories into my root file and can see them plainly there on both my independent FTP and on Dreamhosts FTP.
However when trying to access the installer script it cannot seem to see it and just brings up a blank white screen with no code on at all.

Anyone know what the problem might be? I figured I’d start here, and then if no one knows, I’ll go and contact Dreamhost. I’m really hoping this can be fixed, because otherwise that’s a decent chunk of change that I won’t be able to use. -sigh-

It sounds like the files were uploaded to the wrong folder. when logging onto your site with ftp, you will see a directory that has the same name as your domain. All files have to be in that directory. This will put your program at the root web address. If you want it further down the chanin add a directory then upload the files.
Example: web address is
would be

My website

Okay, she went and tried that, and, unfortunately, she said it still didn’t show. She also said, ‘further more when I try to move the index out of any file but that one, it doesn’t show up…
So it’s not that I’m afraid.’

Oh well. Anyone else have any ideas? I’ll probably write directly to DH’s tech support if no one else has any ideas. :slight_smile:

It still has to be placed inside the directory with your domain name on it, or else it will not display.
The installer may require permission to write to a sub directory that was created by the forum. You could temporarily chmod all the directories to 777 and see if it works, once its done, change them back. Any directories that are used for uploading can be left at 777 for them to work right. Example for attachments, avatars.

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