Problems w/InternetExplorer for Mac

My new website works great… except (apparently) when accessed by a Mac user with Internet Explorer. (So far we’ve had the same exact problem 100% of the time with 5 different Macs). Whenever we click on one of the menus on the “Radio” or “TV” pages, and scroll down, major glitchiness appears… like a multiple repeating image that renders the page inoperable. Has anyone had similar problems? Solutions? My new website is

Can you post a URL?

Also, as a Mac user IE for mac is junk. All new macs come with Sarafi installed and microsoft are not developing IE for the mac anymore.

Did you fix it? I checked on OS9.2, OSX 10.2.4, and additionally on my PC, all using Internet Explorer 5…I saw no difference between the three OS systems and your pages. I did check the menus on those pages.

If you are still having the problem, post back.

Checked it with IE 5.1 on mac 9.2. Had to download new flash player (7) but then everything seemed to work fine. Only glitch was a minor repeating of the text “Click number to play spot” but it was intermittent and didn’t effect performance.

Actually, my only user comment would be that, after one chooses a clip to play there is no way (or no obvious way) to stop the clip from playing.

Even though I agree that mac users should migrate to mozilla or Safari, many users do not upgrade their browsers ever. Many will stick with os 9 until they eventually buy a new computer also. This is the reality I deal with at least. I deal with users who are still trying to use Netscape 4.7!

I agree whole heartedly about upgrading. But, to be quite honest…it seems that apple OS upgrades happen faster than extra cash in my checkbook. : )

I didn’t see that problem until you pointed out the minor jump of that text box when the page initially loads. It happens so fast. And, it does not happen on the PC.

Thanks everyone for your input.

No, I still have not fixed the problem. I have my website designer looking into it, but she’s stumped too. I guess it does not happen to everybody using IE for Mac, but it happens 100% of the time with our 3 Macs (when we use IE), and on at least 2 others that I’m aware of. All have cable modems. There are 4 pages on the site with menus that allow you to choose audio and video clips to view. The 3 affected pages are the ones with the longest menus. In order to make the problem occur, you must be on a monitor that does not fit the entire page, (such as an iBook) requiring you to use the scroll bars. While I realize that most users won’t have this problem, it’s frustrating that I and 2 of my friends do.

Here’s the URL for one of the three troubled pages:

I see it when I reduce my monitor size. You know, if I were you, I would post this problem in the Macromedia flash forum. The gurus there have probably seen this before.


Regarding Mac users not upgrading, those of you who feel frustrated over those of us still using IE 5.5 in OS 9 (rather than Safari in OS X) might want to consider that the majority of the publishing design world could not upgrade to OS X for quite some time due to the unavailability of a compatible version of QuarkXpress. Even though version 6 did finally come (two years late), many of us are holding off on upgrading in favor of going directly to the next version of InDesign and ditching Quark altogether. In the mean time, a lot of publishing/media companies do not want to pay to license a new version of Quark while making the transition – thus, we are stuck with OS 9 for now.

That said, I am running OS 9.2, and had no problems viewing the site in question in IE 5.5. Nothing looked out of place, and everything seems to function just fine. :slight_smile:

Yes, your comments regarding os x and Quark 6 are on the money. It also caused a lot of art/design schools to hold off upgrading their mac labs. Only to find, when Quark 6 was finally released that it was impossible to use in a large lab environment (without compromising security or over burdening already overburdened sysadmins) and was crap for a bunch of other reasons. There is a real push to abandon it in favor of InDesign. About time.

OP: I also agree that, while designing for your audience is valid, especially for a portfolio site that is about multimedia, by creating a site that may force a first-time user to download a new plug-in to view, you may just lose them completely. Some alternative content should always be available and accessible even if it just convinces a user to install the darn plug-in.

OP: Regarding the IE 5 internal weirdness. IE 5.1 for the mac seems to have caching bugs. Make sure you kill any cookies/sessions from your site and reload to make sure you are seeing what others are seeing when troubleshooting this browser.

Try Mozilla Firefox for the mac if you can’t get safari.

I’ve also experienced javascript problems with IE mac and suggest people download Firefox. It’s only about 6-7Mb and is a killer browser.

Firefox is not compatible with OS 9. Like Safari, only OS X is supported.

What about another flavor of Mozilla?

In any case, I often use Flash to reduce bandwidth as much can often be accomplished with Flash in a smaller file size than with HTML/CSS. Most people have the plug-in. I put a sniffer on one of my sites and, out of the peak of 40,000 page views in a day, only slightly over 1% didn’t have Flash. I’m fine asking them to download it because I’m not going to hinder the experience for the other 99%. I use a newer version of Flash on another site. They have a higher percentage of non-flash users so I built a fool-proof sniffer to give people an alternative.

Looks like the problem has been fixed. I see no such issues in IE 5.2