Problems uploading files

Hello all

I’m a new customer. I don’t know if I must post here.

The problem is that i can’t see my uploaded files.

I uploaded one test html to the following url[MyDomainName].com/index.html and I can’t still view my web. What i’m making wrong? Thanks

what does happen when u use the webftp ?

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When you connect to the server (in your case, you should find yourself in a Linux directory with the same name as your user name. Within this directory, you will see a number of subdirectories. One of them should have the same name as your domain name. You should put your web files in there.

The actual path of your domain directory will be something like this:/home/username/domain.comThe other subdirectories will have things like your log files, email, etc. So in order to get this: you will need to put the file in the file system here:/home/username/
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Have you added the domain in the control panel? Or do you get any error messages?

It is worth mentioning that if you have only just become a customer and added your domain, it may take a day or two for the DNS record to update so that your site becomes world viewable.

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Wow in only 5 minutes 5 replies, thanks a lot ^^

I think I saw my problem. I added other domain and I see “fully hosted”. I did the same thing with my first subdomain and now i’m waiting changes. Might be i’ve fixed my problem. Thanks all and thanks DH for this awesome service !!

(Sorry for english. I’m spanish)

Don’t feel bad about this. This is one of the most common mistakes the people make!

Are you coming from a cpanel environment or is this your first web hosting experience?

Also, what tool/method are you using for uploading your site?

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Yes, before I had cPanel. It’s possible use it here? :stuck_out_tongue:


My first host was a cpanel host as well. We can’t use it here, but I really don’t miss it. Call me biased, but I really do like the dreamhost way of organizing the web directories in user accounts better and also find their placement of functions a little more intuitive.

Knowing what you’re used to will help people understand what different from what you’re used to and make it easier to explain the slightly different ways of doing things. :slight_smile:

At any rate, others have already explained the big difference in the way the web directories are organized under the user accounts here, which has also tripped up a number of newcomers to dreamhost.

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I come from x10hosting. I was an official spanish moderator/account manager, and I know all cPanel functions, problems, etc… This is the reason that now I’m “lost” with other administration panel.

Thanks all!

Invest your time with this new panel. It is very worth it :wink:

I was and still a cpanel user with other hosting, but I like DH’s panel better.


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