Problems today

I’ve encountered two problems today.

The first is when trying to submit a (once working) PHP script, I get this error:

Warning: Unexpected character in input: ‘’ (ASCII=15) state=1 in /usr/local/dh/cgi-system/php.cgi on line 1240

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /usr/local/dh/cgi-system/php.cgi on line *1240

Dreamhost support got back to me, and instead of trying some test fields to re-create the error, they asked me what I entered into the fields (the letter ‘a’ for everything, btw). I’m still waiting for an e-mail back.

Instead of wait on dreamhost, I decided to move the particular script to another server (temporarily; downtime for this particular page is unacceptable). I changed the link over SSH, and refreshed.

No change. I was curious, so I created a little ‘sample’ file called a.txt

Trying to reach it shows 404 not found. Apparently now the site isn’t being updated.

Anyone else having problems on achilles?

not a clue. A bit more info would be useful.

“Submit a script” – to where? how? When you say submit, what do you mean?

“fields” – what fields?

a.txt not showing, uh? Where should it be? Where did you put it? You sure you put it into your web directory?

No offense, but your post is not very detailed… :frowning:

yerba# rm -rf /etc

i have the same problem, but let me explain it a little bit. i’m a graphic designer, not a php programmer. i had to create a form and found this webapp:
i’ve installed it on my own server i have with doteasy and everything works fine. so i’ve generated the form and upped it on dreamhost and everything worked, yesterday. but today i keep getting this same error and i haven’t changed anything. i tried many things and the last thing i did was delete all fields except for one and i still get this error. but everything still works fine on my other server.

i’ve google the error, all results seems to be from dreamhost users and not more than a week old. what can i do, it’s the first time i work with php and also dreamhost. all i can think of is making an iframe with the form linked on my working server, but that’s not really elegants.