Problems switching


I’m stuck with cyberpixels at the moment (The Infamous), and am wanting to switch to dreamhost. My problem is using promo codes without a credit card as mr dreamhost doesn’t support second tier or international cards.

Secondly, I’m curious to this CPU usage limit I keep hearing horror stories about. I run a wiki, many different forums, an oekaki, and a site chock full of different PHP/MySQL scripts. Never had a problem with CPU usage before. So I’m worried about dreamhost as they seem OTT about it from what I hear.


I am not sure what you mean by an ‘International card’. I have a Visa debit card from an Australian bank and this works fine with DreamHost.

You’ll be happy to hear that the CPU usage limit no longer exists at DreamHost. If your sites are not adversely affecting others on your shared server you should be fine.


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Ive never known them to be OTT about CPU usage. They recently eliminated any “hard” CPU usage limits in favor of letting things run as long as they don’t over-load the server and negatively impact other users.

Whether or not you will run into issues with CPU usage on a shared server depends on how efficiently your applications are coded, how interactive your sites are, your traffic, etc., and it is pretty hard to give you a “good” answer with out knowing a a lot more than you have shared about your sites and traffic.

How many CPU minute/seconds are you currently running?



I can’t tell individual CPU usage, but the server I’m at at CP is running at 2.98 on 2 CPUs one of the sites I host is which has numerous scripts on the same DB (Which is a concern of mine anyways.

As for the card I use, it’s switch/Maestro. Whcih I tried and wasn’t accepted anyways.

What mostly annoys me is you need a CC to use a promo code.


Unfortunately, the reported server load here at DreamHost is not directly comparable to most other hosts, due to DreamHost using NFS and, as I understand it, pending file related processes tend to inflate the reported figures.

It wasn’t always that way. When I first signed-up with DreamHost I used a promo-code and payed using PayPal. I am not sure why they removed this option, but I suspect it had something to do with fraud prevention.


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That server load is for several sites, so it’s impossible to know how many cpu seconds your site will require.

As for credit cards, here in Portugal we even have a service that allow us to create virtual VISA cards, that only allow one buy, and with the ammount you want.

For example:
I may create a $20 visa credit card, that will expire next month, or after the first usage.

Pretty neat and safe. Don’t you have something similar in your country?


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Beware of using a temporary card. If you transaction is flagged under fraud prevention you may be asked to verify that you have the card - hard to do when it’s a virtual card.



the virtual card (or is connected to a REAL bank account.
u cant forge it
its only secure, because u can limit the amount of money on that virtual card, and because it can only be used once.

The main problem with it, is that u cant be refound by the same card.

BUGabundo :o)


Exactly what BUGabundo said. It’s a virtual card that our official portuguese processor creates, connected to our real bank account. It’s not one of those prepaid of some sort.

You can’t get refunds to that virtual visa, but until now, after dozens of thousands of dollars spent, I never asked for a refund :slight_smile:

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Actually aI went and read the FAQ and they said the refunds would be possible, but I’m guessing that is only valid while the card is valid (for 30 days).

OffTopic: e’ bom ver por aki um Tuga. junta me ao MSN,Galk, ou skype para discutirmos sobre este host.

BUGabundo :o)


Just read the forum postings on “… the fax thing.” before you do ANYTHING that may make your purchase look questionable.

I know that a virtual card shouldn’t cause any troubles but the process is pretty inconvenient if you get “caught” in it.

Everyone’s honest until they get caught. Some are even honest AFTER they’re caught.

I’m just trying to warn you about the REAL WORLD and marketing/sales/banks don’t get it.



This virtual card is promoted by banks here in Portugal, and the entity that issues them is the national credit card regulator. There is no doubt about their credibility.
They are highly used here because most people are afraid of using their real cards, afraid of fraudsters and unsafe sites.

But as you said, DreamHost may not accept them because you have to fax a copy of a real card to them. So they may not be an option here.

Apart from that, I have a real credit card for many years, but I only use it in 3 or 4 places: Paypal, Amazon, Clickbank and Google. For all others I use a virtual visa. I don’t trust my card to any employees from a company I don’t fully know.

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They tried to push it here and for some reason it didn’t make it. Honestly, I like the idea. The problem is that a virtual card might look easier to commit fraud with and thus set up a signal to dreamhost to hold your account.

(Dude, I’ve worked for banks. Despite being regulated, they aren’t the brightest bulbs.)

We’re both customers already so it doesn’t matter to us anymore but I’d hate to have someone give a newbie advice that forces them to go through the “slow frustrating path”.



This is just the last option to someone that doesn’t have a credit card (and many people don’t have…).

If they have, the best option is to use them, because it will easier to proove that you are the owner (because DH is requiring that). But if you don’t have any credit card… and if they are accepted (remember to check that), being able to join DH is worth jumping through the hoops…

But the most important thing here is: DreamHost may not accept virtual visas, so you have to contact them BEFORE, and not AFTER, to avoid lots of headaches :confused:

Good luck to all potential clients!

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:slight_smile: All money from 90promo was given to Santa’s Helpers Charity :slight_smile: