Problems switching to concrete5 from old site


Newbie here…with no web hosting/design experience…so I was playing with Concrete5 and love how easy it is. We decided to have DreamHost host our site, and I don’t know what my next steps are. I used the one-click install, and it shows that the Concrete5 files were uploaded to DreamHost (the database appears in my main page and is listed as being on the server), but my old website still appears when I go to the url. What am I missing???

I can provide any additional information…I think I’m missing something about changing DNS servers or something of that nature, but I’m such a beginner that I really have no idea what that means!! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks



did you install concrete5 in a folder? Did you type anything in the space after the dropdown to select the domain on the one click installer. Say you typed concrete5 there, then go to

If that’s the case and your trying to get it so you can just go to your domain, post back for more help…