Problems since Ubuntu Upgrade to Shared Hosting


1.) The stats have not updated since July 15 (day of upgrade.)

2.) The access logs keep appending instead of separating by day. There are now 6 days (and climbing) in one file, difficult to process on my local machine with RAM limits.

Filed support ticket several days ago. Still waiting.


Looks like it finally got resolved. Access Logs are again separating by day, but will need to wait until tomorrow to see if the Stats are fixed.

Odd that no one else posted about this as there are 100s of other websites on this server. Ignorance is bliss.


When my server got upgraded, I recall that it took a day or two for the log rotation scripts to kick in, but nothing like a week.

The Analog site statistics (stats panel) are no longer activated by default for new sites, so I suspect many are unaware of them.


Well, the Stats did not get fixed. The report is still stuck on the day of my server upgrade, July 15.

The Analog report doesn’t really show too much but it does sometimes aid in getting my attention on things.

I used a custom version of Analog for years on my local machine for a couple sites. When I moved to a new computer, it didn’t survive and I don’t think I liked the newer Analog versions so I let it go.

Most of what I need I can grep from the Access Logs, but I like having the Stats report to remind me of what I might otherwise not think of.



I apologize for the issues you have been experiencing. Please supply a support ticket# or a domain name on the account and we can look into the status. You can also reach Live Chat for help 5am til 10pm PDT daily here
Matt C


Thanks Matt,

Support ticket: #8678997


Thank you for that info! I was able to get the ticket over to our support team to look into and they will update you accordingly,

Matt C


I’ve a similar problem on my VPS after an Ubuntu upgrade in january 2017. Will be ever fixed?



Despite several emails from support saying these issues have been fixed, they have not been fixed.

1.) Stats still have not updated. They’re still froze on July 15 (9 days now)

2.) Server Access Log is still not separating by each day. A DH tech did manage to restart the log several days ago, but the problem persists.

Why hasn’t this been fixed?

BTW - I don’t consider an autoresponder email as 24 hour Support Guarantee.



Received message from support that they’ve identified the issue and have installed a fix.

Keeping fingers crossed :slight_smile:


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