Problems signing up (domain name issue)!

Hello, I recently had a desire to sign up for hosting through DreamHost and wanted to take advantage of the free domain name hosting. The domain I want is but DreamHost isn’t taking it (whois shows the name as available). I tried to check the name through dreamhost and this is the error I receive, “Sorry! We had an internal error checking… please try again!”

Can anyone offer any help to me?

It sounds like they were having network trouble looking up the availability of the domain, which can happen from time to time. Wait a bit, and try again. I’m sure DH has already learned of the trouble and will rectify it as soon as possible. :wink:


and you can always contact DH support if the problem happens again.

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There’s only one time you should publicly mention a domain name that you want… and that’s after you own it! :wink:

That’s probably not one that someone would be all over, but I’ve seen people post something like this on forums: “Which domain should I buy? or Both are available.” Well, both were available, until that post.

Anyway, I’d guess it was/is a temporary glitch at DH’s end, but if it’s not quickly resolved, and the name is important to you, get it registered somewhere else and point the nameservers here. You can always transfer it here (after 60 days) if you want to use your free domain credit for it.

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…and all of that was very good advice, which you should take to heart! :wink:


You can always sign up without registering your free domain and do it afterwards…

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