Problems restoring directory with .snapshot


A week ago, in a botched strategy to upgrade to WP 2.5, I deleted my “installs” directory (upgrading from 2.2.3 wasn’t an option with one-click, so I chose to do a clean install to a new directory). Long story short, it didn’t work. And without an installs directory, I had no blog, no Gallery2 page, etc.

So at the advice of a helpful forum member, I used the .snapshot directory in Webftp, which seems to have restored my old ‘installs’ directory to the account root. But unfortunately I’m still unable to access any of my web-based stuff that lived in that directory. No Gallery2 love, no blog, I can’t even log into my account directory using Filezilla anymore. The confirmation window at the end of the .snapshot copying process said “All the selected directories and files have been processed,” and I didn’t see any error dialogs. So I’m assuming everything copied okay. But what do I know? Is it possible I need to re-point those things to the proper directory now that it exists again? Can anyone explain what I’ve done wrong in restoring my “installs” directory? Or suggest a better way for this newbie to fix things? Many thanks in advance.


I don’t know what to advise, because I’m, having a hard time picturing your directory structure in my mind.

What is this “installs” directory that you refer to, and how does it relate to your various applications? Is it actually named “installs”? Were all these applications originally installed as “once-click” installations?

I’d really like to help you get this sorted, but it seems to me to be even more confused now than it was before. :wink:



Sorry, I assumed “installs” was the default name of the folder created in the one-click process. Perhaps it was just one I made up on the spot when I did the one-click install of WP 2.2.3 back in September. It exists one level below the root. My blog is titled Man and Ultraman, so I created a directory in the root named (it’s in there with Maildir, Storage, logs, My Received Files, etc.) Inside the directory is where I created “installs,” which is where I originally installed WP.

When I was unable to upgrade via one-click earlier this week (evidently 2.2.3 was too old a version to upgrade?), I decided to do a clean install. But Dreamhost wouldn’t let me install to the same directory (kept telling me it wasn’t empty). So I decided to create a new installs folder - “installsnew” - and deleted the original installs directory using Webftp. Then I successfully installed WP 2.5 into “installsnew”, and got the confirmation email from Dreamhost, and spent some time playing with new themes etc. I even installed ZenPhoto into the new directory, and also got a confirmation email from them.

Then, yesterday morning, it all went horribly wrong. My former domain ( is dead/inaccessible. So is the link Dreamhost sent me to administrate my new blog (at My Gallery2 site is gone and all photos and links to it elsewhere are dead - even though it was installed into a separate directory in My ZenPhoto account doesn’t exist where they say it should.

So, as I noted in my original post here, I used the .snapshot directory in Webftp to restore my old ‘installs’ directory to the account root. But that seems not to have helped at all. Any insight would be most appreciated. Thanks!


Anybody have any thoughts at all on this? I know it’s a little complicated, but there’s got to be someone who can see a solution here, even if it means I have to re-upload all my photos, etc. Thanks in advance.