Problems Responding to Support Requests

I’m trying to work with support and the whole process is proving quite frustrating:

First, I submitted a ticket through the panel using Customer Support -> Ask a question. It submitted and all seemed fine. But then I thought of some additional useful information to add and found that there’s no way to add additional notes or a reply through the Ask a question area. I had to submit a whole new question and include the ticket number.

Then, once I noticed a reply in the panel I found that there’s no way to reply back to the agent through the website!

So… I found the email reply and replied back to the agents email… And received an email back that the “support message was NOT received!” That email says that it couldn’t find a ticket number in the subject. The subject that was created by the agent/system when they responded to my question. So, I figured I’d add the ticket number in brackets in case that is the problem and it still doesn’t work.

At this point I don’t even have a way to get back to the agent unless I open yet another ticket and I already have 3 open for this issue.

Needless to say I am getting pretty frustrated.

My suggestions:

  1. Add the ability to respond to tickets through the Customer Support -> Ask a question area (especially since the system encourages us to submit tickets through there)
  2. Figure out why your system isn’t matching the ticket numbers in subject lines… and even if it can’t find a ticket it shouldn’t bounce back - it should go into some kind of inbox to be reviewed by a person.


thanks for the feedback. I cannot see your support history so I don’t have a full view of what happened… I get the gist though and I agree with you that showing the history of the tickets somewhere on the website would be nice to have.

In general though, even if you open multiple tickets for the same issue, a support agent will notice that and most likely move the tickets on the backend to the agent that’s already working with you so you don’t have to worry about such details.

This I can tell you already might be impossible to do in the days of ubiquitous email spam: I doubt that queue would be effective at anything.

We submitted a support request and it has been 24 hours with no response. Funny we are just trying to be allowed to give you money but cannot get anyone to help us.

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