Problems-- .procmailrc being ignored on Blanka/Dot

Sent this to Support via the form at around 3am, and nothing’s happened yet.

Looks like procmail is ignoring all .procmailrc and recipe files on Blanka/Dot.

Seems to have started around 3pm yesterday.

A possibly connected additional issue-- When all the fileserver/mail problems were happening, Support said they were making all files read-only for a while.

Maybe I don’t understand your definition of “read-only” but a couple of hours after that notice, I was able to upload files and see them via the Web.

But a little while later, someone told me the site was screwed up, so I checked it again, and DH had restored the files from an older backup, meaning those changes I was able to save were nuked. I had to reupload all of the changes.

So, even though DH said the files were read-only, they weren’t… And no notice of the restore was given, either before or after.

I’m thinking the Procmail problem could be related-- Did somebody mess with read/write status on that machine again? Or did someone just forget to reset Procmail’s config when they changed read/write back again?

…Bob W.

Yes, I noticed that DH reverted all to an older backup of files. I think the backups were over a day old as a lot of my changed got wiped. :frowning: