Problems Pointing External DNS to DH-hosted Site

I have a pretty simple situation, but I’ve not been able to find anything on the DH support site aside from full domain transfers, which isn’t what I want.

  1. I purchased a domain at For this discussion, let’s say it’s
  2. I changed three Nameserver entries in my GoDaddy account to [ns1/ns2/ns3]
  3. Now what?

I’m sure there are a lot of GoDaddy domains that are pointing to dreamhost, but what’s the last step that points to the pages I have hosted on my DH account?

Is it setting up a DNS record? If so, which one? A, CNAME, something else? The DNS section in Dreamhost only allows me to create an A record for subdomains of

NOTE: I do not want to transfer my domain registration to Dreamhost. I want to keep GoDaddy.

Create a Fully Hosted Domain in the Panel under Manage Domains. That’ll make DreamHost create a folder for your domain, and add the info to the dreamhost name servers.



Many thanks for your help. It was wholly unclear in the DH wiki how to do this, and any searches for DNS inevitably led to information only on how to transfer domain registration.

In the case anyone else comes across this issue, here’s the solution:

Now you will need to add the domain to your hosting. You can do this in the panel on the Manage Domains page (Domains > Manage Domains) by clicking the + Add New Domain/Sub-Domain. Enter the domain name and the appropriate information. It takes about 1-3 days for the DNS to
propagate across the entire Internet.

NOTE: The upshot of this is that if, as in my case, you created a site (or blog) using the subdomain listed in the Manage Domains page, you’ll have to transfer all of that content to the new Domain was added in the directions above. For Wordpress users, that means a new installation of Wordpress, exporting the content from the old blog, and importing it into the new one.

If you’re planning ahead, you can read this wiki entry, which basically says: "Step 1, create your fully hosted domain. Step 2, mirror that domain as a dreamhosters domain."


Sorry, this and the Wiki is not clear. We the customers need to know how to point a domain. Period.

Customers (like you and I) are best served by using DreamHost DNS with their DreamHost websites. Those who stray from the beaten path need to brush up on their DNS skills. The issue is that the IP address may change. DreamHost will keep their own DNS servers updated, but can’t be expected to help you maintain external DNS servers.

To briefly answer your question:

  1. Log into your shell account
  2. Type ‘host’ or whatever server you’re trying to look up.
    This command will display the IP address you need to add to your DNS to use for your server.