Problems on a VPS after a well done transfer of WP sites from another provider



Hi guys, newby here! Big hello to all the community.

I am new in the forums but I’ve been with Dreamhost a few years before. Now I´ve decided to be back and to do that I’ve hired a VPS to transfer there my three WP sites. I did some tests previously before to go to the final transfer stage, I did the tests in a shared server and all worked pretty good. BTW, I am using the plugin Duplicator, which I think it’s working pretty good.

Well, now I did everything exactly by the book in my new hired VPS and when I finished the transfer process through Duplicator, all the process is done good but when I try to access to my WP admin panel, I have an error server 500. Same with two of my sites and as I said, all the transfer process of the sites is finishing fine, without issues. I don’t know if this is something due to the nature of the VPS but in my previous VPS’ experiences, I didn’t have any issues like this.

Also, when I tried to create a new email address, I had an error saying my domain is not ready for emails and I need to contact support to double check my mail cluster… ??

Very frustrated because I am with this problem already 24 hours and nobody from support is giving at least an answer, none, zero :frowning:

Anybody here had a similar problem? Any help?

Thanks all mates!


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