Problems Moving a Wordpress Site

Hello. I run, and Ive decided to switch hosts. We fell victim to some hacker, and the site’s been down for over 24 hours. We might have lost all data! That’s a lot of money lost a lot of time lost, and it’s time to switch.

Now, I came to Dreamhost, but I’m worried I won’t know how to transfer things correctly. This is what I have: a SQL backup that’s two weeks old (that sucks), all the image files, all the theme files. But I’m not sure I know where to place things. I mean, specifically, I’m worried about directory structure. When I ftp into my account, i see three folders: “logs”, “maildir” and “”. Where should I place all the files? Inside the folder? Will that affect all the links that are already in the DB?

In other words… say I included an image, in an article, at the address

Well, is the structure going to remain the same if i place files inside the / folder? or will it be

See my issue?

Also, I’d like to preview my site, before switching the DNS, but since my site is down at the moment, how can I mirror it? I’m not sure I understand how to preview the site once the files are in place and the DB imported.

Can anyone help? Please, this is so important. This is my living, and any help would be appreciated.


Man that sucks. You would think these people would have better things to do with their time than make life difficult for others.

Place your site files in the directory. As far as the web server is concerned, this is the root of your domain. As I understand it, the existing links in your DB should be fine.

There is an article in the wiki covering this issue. Basically you create a subdomain of, then set that to mirror your domain. The article can be found here;


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