Problems manually adding to announcement lists

Hi everyone. I’m having strange problems regarding manually adding email addresss to an announcement list I’m trying to set up.

At the moment I have a simple ‘website coming soon’ page on my domain with my company’s logo and a newsletter subscription form. I’ve tested the from with my own email address (a hotmail account) and I can both subscribe and unsubscribe without issues. BUT I have a book full of email addresses which I have been given and need to add manually myself. On the announcements page of the control panel it all seems very straight forward - simply add the addresses, one per line, in the given box at the bottom of the page, then add them and they should recieve a confirmation email telling them I’ve tried to add them and asking them to click a link to complete the subscription. BUT THE EMAIL NEVER GETS THERE. I’ve tested this also with my own hotmail address and also someoen elses, more than once - both times, after over 48 hours, niether of us have received a confirmation email.

If someone can help me out with any solutions or sugestions I’d be very appreciative since I do need to resolve the matter quite quickly! Oh, and if you want to test the subscription form yourself then my url is


Are you sure you’re doing the 2nd, confirmation step in the panel? With a valid confirmation message in the form?

Works for me, except after doing a subscribe, unsub, re-subscribe with same address, I only got one confirmation email (the first), so maybe it won’t resend to the same address for a while.

I tested with 3 new addresses, and it worked as expected, with addresses on DreamHost.

There have been reports of emails to some destinations disappearing, but I thought hotmail was working ok.

Hmmm, thanks, that adds a bit more to consider, but doesn’t explain the problem. I guess after I used my hotmail acount to test the subscribtion form on my homepage it could be that it won’t send out a confirmation message to the same addres after I’ve unsubscribed it and then re-subscribed it manually. But… the other hotmail address I tried it with hasn’t been used for anything other than the manual subscription, so… ???

I’m positive I’m following the steps correctly too. I’ve customised the confirmaion message which should be sent out to those addresses I subsribe manually myself, and I hit the button to do the job - there’s not really much space to go wrong. Which I guess is why I’m so confused.

I could perhaps try the same with a few addresses which aren’t hotmail, but in the case that Hotmail does pose a problem it would mean a large section of the people I wish to subscribe just aren’t going to get the confirmation message, since unsurprisingly many (perhaps most) are Hotmail addresses.

Any other thoughts are very welcome!

For the sake of posterity, I’m linking this thread to my own thread on a similar topic