Problems loading my site

Sorry if this is off topic.
I have a problem with my site When I try to access my site, through different browsers, I get an empty page. The browser has fully loaded the page but it is blank. When I hit “reload” the page loads fine. What is wrong with my site and how do I fix this?

Your post is not “off topic” at all’; many experience this problem :wink: Your site loads properly for me using FF2, IE6, and IE7. However, there are two know issues than may be responsible for your problem:

  1. If you have been “developing” on your WordPress site, you may find this problem goes away after clearing your browser’s cache and cookies related to your site.

  2. Often, if you are using WordPress with PHP 5.12 (which is the default Dreamhost PHP5 version), you may be experiencing the known Blank pages in WordPress with PHP5.12 problem, described (and fix provided) in the linked Dreamhost Wiki Page. Good Luck! :slight_smile: