Problems Launching Domain


I set up my domain at with dreamhost. There I installed WP, imported all my blog content, etc. The site was fully functional.

It looks like my original domian/ip address had no content in that folder so I mirrored it in DreamHost. Meaning that

Then, I went to GoDaddy (where I was previously hosting my domain) and pointed the IP address to the ip address of my new hosting.

So, I clearly did something wrong as now when I go to my blog ( all the links throw error messages. I also can’t login to my WP admin center.

What did I do wrong?? :-/


You can’t point to an IP address like that. Will your entire domain be hosted at dreamhost? If so, what you want to do is add the domain in the panel on manage domains, then mirror that to dreamhosters so you can see it and set it up, then change the nameservers to point to dreamhost after it’s correct.

If on the other hand you only want the web portion (i.e. not email) pointed to dreamhost, you would still want to add your domain on manage domains, mirror it to so you can see it, then when you are ready to point to it, go back to manage domains and click the DNS link right underneath the domain, when the page loads scroll down and look at the non-editiable entries and the first one should be an A-record with an IP as the value, record that IP address then enter an A-record at godaddy point to that IP address.