Problems installing phpNuke Platinum 7.6

Hi - has anyone been able to successfully use this. It is installed and then when I try to log into admin - I get an error message “Access denied.” If I try to access any other pages - I get the error message “You can’t access this file directly…”

I posted on the phpNuke Platinum message board - but as yet have not had a reply. I was hoping that our support forum here would be more helpful since they have been to me in the past.

I am not very sophisticated about all this - but I am slowly learning. If I cannot use this on Dreamhost - I’ll stop trying. If it is possible, then I would need basic info about what I need to do differently.

Thanks again for any help!!

Feathered Wonders

platinum will not run as php-cgi (which is now the default setting at DH). Turn it off in the web panel, or wait for the 7.6.1 version, which fixes this problem.