Problems: Gallery with large files and GD/IM



I’ve got a gallery installed here at DH with a lot of pictures, around 7000. Some of the newer pictures are at resolutions between 6 and 20MP and starting at 6MP I have problems with ImageMagick and GD. First I started seeing “500 Server Errors” with ImageMagick on every other image, but after reloading the page a few times it will work, but because of that I switched to GD. Now I have problems with GD. The thumbnails are all created but on some pictures GD fails and I only get completely blank pages when trying to look at images. This doesn’t happen with every image, but when it happens with some images and then even reloading the page numerous times won’t help. So both options are out… or so it seems. Any ideas how this can be fixed? Most newer images are 6MP or 8MP, only very few are 20MP. At least the 6MP shouldn’t be a problem, but they seem to be.

My galleries are HTTP-Auth password protected and only a very few people have access, so it can’t be the load the gallery generates. The PHP memory limit is set to 40MB, which has proven to be sufficient at other hosts.

I’m testing NetPBM right now - are there any downsides to NetPBM? It doesn’t seem to be a very popular option.


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