Problems Fully Hosting my Domain


I have a domain name and I accidentally changed the hosting for it to cloaked. When I try to change it back to fully hosted it says “Sorry, you can’t add any more fully hosted domains!”

I don’t want to add another domain name I just want to change the one I currently have back to being hosted on DreamHost.

I do not have billing access to my domain.

Any help would be appreciated.


All current Dreamhost plans allow unlimited fully hosted domains, so if you get that error it sounds like you don’t actually have a hosting plan with Dreamhost. Did you just register a domain through them but buy no hosting?

– Dan


I did not buy hosting. I just have access to my domain which uses the same host as another one at DreamHost. Would this mean that the person who registered my domain at DreamHost and set it up for hosting would be able to fix this problem?


Yes. Sounds like what they did is allow you the ability to administor your domain but NOT allow you the ability to add services. I’ve done things like that with other user account which I’ve shared part access with in the past.

yerba# rm -rf /etc