Problems deleting directory


I created an automator workflow on my mac to backup files to my dreamhost server. For some reason it created about 100 nested directories in the main directory and now I cannot delete them. When I try to delete the directory using both Transmit and a terminal, it just comes up with Failure. I tried resetting permissions and uploading an empty directory, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would be great.


First off, it’s against TOS to use DreamHost servers as backup disks.

I see that you used Automator, but what mechanism did you use to create the directories? Was the drive AFP mounted? When you use Transmit to examine the directory, does it show you as the owner? Did you log in as the owner, or as another user?

There’s always the option to log in via shell and do the command:
/bin/rm -rf BADDIRECTORY

This will forcefully and recursively delete that directory and everything under it. If all else fails, you may have to ask Support to fix the permissions and/or ownership.